You've Installed the Window Safety Devices. Now What?

Are the locks Common Property?
Who's responsible for their replacement?
Do they need to be inspected?
Can the Owners Corporation defer responsibility with a by-law? There appears to be a lot of information available on what windows require window restrictors, what date they must be installed by and who is responsible for install...
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Submitting an Annual Fire Safety Statement

What is required for submitting an Annual Fire Safety Statement can often be very confusing. Often contractors will capitalise on this confusion and suggest that unnecessary works be completed so that they can provide you with a copy of your annual fire safety statement. Hopefully the below listed information provides a little more clarit...
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Defect Management - a useful guide for NSW

Defect management can be a difficult process and there is often a great deal of confusion in ascertaining what is and what isn't a defect. To assist you we have attached a guide to the NSW Standards and Tolerances. We have summarised some common issues for your convenience. There are several other defects listed in the document wh...
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