"We BELIEVE nothing feels better than enjoying your home knowing that everything is taken care of.

We are a multifaceted boutique building management company striving to blaze a new path in an industry that delivers a legacy product based on broken methodology.

With over 90 years combined service experience we have carefully hand-picked our team to deliver HONEST and reliable service.

No matter how big or how small your property is, we will PRO-ACTIVELY develop a unique and TRANSPARENT solution for your needs.

We are not an ordinary management company. We create long lasting PARTNERSHIPS and treat our clients like family."

Founding Director
Samantha Repice

Samantha Repice started her career in 2003 and has experience in managing residential buildings, government sites, mixed use schemes, commercial buildings, industrial sites, Building Management Committees, Strata Management Committees and Community Associations.

Calling upon her experience in facility management and industry insight across a broad range of sectors, Samantha established her own company in order to provide flexible options for fulltime and part time facilities management as well as cleaning services, to a portfolio of key clients.




We accomplish this by understanding and fostering the essential skills required to be an exemplary Facility Manager. Skills such as:

Financial insight - Budgeting and financial planning is an important part of the job. We invest in critical thinkers who have an analytical approach and a commitment to getting improved results.

Legal Knowledge - An understanding and appreciation for the impact that federal, state, and local laws have on your facility guarantees overall compliance. Of special note is our in-depth knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety that allows us to manage high risk sites.

Industry Insight - Familiarising ourselves with your industry. Whether you belong to the retail industry, health industry, transport industry, communication industry or any other industry we know that by arming ourselves with an insiders insight we can help guide you along a strategically charted, goal-oriented path.

Flexibility - We understand that we are working in a dynamic profession. Not only is everyday different but problems may arise without warning. Adapting to these situation quickly minimises the overall interruption to our clients.

Emergency Planning - All managers are able to attend most urgent events. We believe that planning is the key in ensuring that our staff are not only prepared to react appropriately but also remain calm in any emergency situation.

Project Management - Facilities are often faced with complex issues. During this time our staff understand the importance of setting goals, monitoring performance, and measuring results.

Technologically Savvy - Technology is constantly changing. Keeping up to date with the latest advancements means we can assist our clients in running more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Cross Networking - By networking with others involved in your facility we are able to ensure there is no oversite overlaps and that our work complements the work others are doing.

People Skills - At the end of the day facility management is about our ability to connect with our clients and the people around us. Respect, communication and understanding the objectives of our clients enables us to have a productive working relationship.

Giorgio Repice

Director - Real Estate & Property Management

  • Started career in 2001
  • Commercial Asset Property Management, Sales and Leasing
  • Residential Property Management and Residential Sales
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Property Investment and Development
  • Advanced Diploma in Property Valuation
  • Diploma in Real Estate Business Management
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent

Giorgio Repice started his property career in 2001. He worked in all areas of real estate including  managing, selling, leasing and valuing residential, commercial, office, retail, industrial, automotive, cold storage and bulky goods sites. Read more...

Anna Di Lorenzo

General Manager

Anna is a dedicated, proactive, and hardworking professional with extensive experience in customer and client-centered environments. She has a background in business  management, client-stakeholder engagement, real estate marketing and sales management gained from over 3 decades of employment experience.

Recognised for excellence and effectiveness in delivering innovative business improvements, organisational change and capability development that surpass industry standards in productivity and efficiency.  Read more...

Susan Suliman

Property Management & Real Estate Sales

  • Started career in 2014
  • Residential and Commercial Property Management portfolio over 200 properties
  • All leasing, accounting, repairs, arrears and legal correspondence
  • Outgoing Reconciliations and Budgets
  • Tribunal Attendance, insurance claims
  • Licensed Real Estate Agent

Susan Suliman has over 7 years industry experience in all areas of property management including managing and leasing residential and commercial property. Starting off in a commercial agency in 2014, Susan gained experience in read more...

Lloyd Osterly

Building Manager

  • Started his Real Estate career in 2007 and Building Management career in 2013.
  • He is a licensed residential and commercial valuer, real estate agent, strata managing agent and property auctioneer.
  • His extensive experience includes managing large scale projects including multi-million dollar external and internal refurbishments.
  • Key facilities management highlights in his career are read more...

Monica Jankowski

Building Manager

  • Monica Jankowski has property industry experience since 2022.
  • With an extensive history in customer service roles, Monica has been able to adapt and utilise her expertise in a new industry seamlessly.
  • Monica has a Bachelor in Communication as well as a Cert IV in Travel and Tourism. She is currently studying as well in the field of Library Services.
  •

Andrew Peterson

Building Manager

  • Prior to starting with Noble as a building manager in January 2023, Andrew ran his own business for over a decade.
  • Has experience is in the veterinary, aquarium and industrial relations sector as well as in asset finance for Macquarie Bank, and is a freelance editor. 
  • Andrew brings with him a variety of skills that have seen him thrive in the building management environment. As a strong analytical thinker, he is often able to solve complex issues of various types.
  • Andrew is currently managing four residential buildings in our portfolio, these being Buxton, Maison, The Mile Post and Parkview.
  •

Aysel Duman

Building Manager

  • Highly experienced High Net Worth (HNW) estate manager
  • Worked with properties in London and abroad for the past 20 years
  • She oversees the daily operations and maintenance of commercial, industrial, or residential properties. 
  •

Andrew Murphy

Landscaping Manager

  • Andrew has been landscaping since 2015.
  • He has attained an Advanced Diploma in Arts with majors in Philosophy and Peace Studies at the University of New England
  • He has studied Permaculture and allows this to influence his design and maintenance decisions.
  • Andrew is an avid writer having written and published his first book in 2019 read more...

Fayyaz Hassan

Cleaning Manager

  • Started career as a cleaning manager in 2007.
  • Manages the cleaning processes from a small apartment to a large scale multi-dwelling facility
  • Prompt communicator and quick problem solver
  • Studied a Bachelor in Commerce, Certificate in Computer Applications and Diploma in Hospitality Management read more...

Danee Allen

Training & Compliance

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