Snake Safety - A funny story!

Written on the 1 November 2023

Snake Safety - A funny story!


Andrew began working for Noble in January 2023 as a relief building manager for Park Plaza and Jade Gardens. He came to work for us after running his own aquarium business in Campsie for ten years.

Early into his time with Noble, Andrew received a late-night call from a distressed resident of Park Plaza. The resident had spotted a large Python in the carpark! He sent Andrew a photo of the animal, which appeared to be a Ball Python.

Ironically, Andrew isn’t just into fishkeeping. He is also a reptile keeper with many years’ experience - including handling some of the world’s deadliest snakes. Andrew has also been the snake-catcher for Marrickville Police LAC since 2005.

Andrew ended up making a mercy dash to Park Plaza at 11pm on a Saturday, to remove the unwanted visitor. Upon arrival, he was most disappointed to find that on closer inspection, the resident had called him to remove a very large plush toy python from Ikea!

Andrew came to enjoy building management and is now looking after four of Noble’s building contracts. The buildings in his portfolio are located in Maroubra, Randwick, Surry Hills and Potts Point. If Andrew is your Building Manager, you now know who to call if you happen upon a snake in your carpark!


The picture depicts the carpark “python” (left). Andrew and Dr Janet Lee microchipping a Red-bellied Black Snake (right).


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