New Client Offer

Need a new building management service?

Enquire with Noble Management Group about becoming your facility management company before the end of April 2019 and receive a FREE Building Defects Report (to the value of $4,000) if you decide to become a client*. Each report will be prepared by Noviion Engineering and will cover:

1.1.1: Inspection

Our engineers and consultants will assess the façade and common area to provide an accurate description of the building and subsequent assessment. The inspection will include the following:

  • Exterior façade assessment
  • Inspection of the common areas and basement
  • Moisture ingress affecting the exterior elevations and common areas
  • Structural movement and cracking

1.1.2: Compilation of Report

The report will encompass the following:

  • Identification number
  • Location
  • Defect description
  • Defect Breach in accordance with the Home Building Act
  • Loss to client due to defect
  • Rectification
  • Photographs

Additional details:

  • All access and travel costs are included.
  • Does not include liaising with legal team.
  • Inspection will be completed over a maximum of 4 hours onsite.
  • No intrusive investigations are included.
  • Visual inspection only - no destructive testing.
  • Excludes inspection of the roof, where safe access is not provided.
  • External facade assessment from ground level.

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