COVID-19 Support for Residential Tenants and Landlords

Written on the 29 September 2021

COVID-19 Support for Residential Tenants and Landlords


The NSW government wishes to assist its residents as much as it can during this challenging time. Hence, The NSW government has provided support for residential tenants and landlords who are affected by the ongoing lockdown. The support includes rent payment deduction and a freeze on evictions.


Residential Rent Payment Deduction

The government has given tenants and landlords the Residential Tenancy Support Payment, which allows them to claim up to $4,500.

There are two options that landlords can choose for their financial support. Landlords can either claim up to $4,500 or a land-tax benefit. In order to be eligible for the support, landlords need to reduce rent for the qualified COVID-19 impacted tenants.

The $4,500 claim online application will be available from 24 September 2021. Keep in mind that the online application process can be made on the NSW Fair Trading Website.


Freeze on Evictions

Tenants who cannot pay their rent payments in full will be protected because there is a freeze on eviction moratorium. The moratorium takes place from 14 July to 11 November 2021. The following is the tenant’s eligibility to be eligible for this support:

  1. Prove that COVID-19 has affected rent-paying members of the household. It includes:
    1. Loss of employment, working hours, or income due to the lockdown.
    2. Unavailability to work due to COVID-19 illness.
  2. Prove that the household income has reduced by at least 25% of its weekly income received before 26 June 2021.
  3. Continue to pay at least 25% of the regular rent payment.


A Step by Step Guide on How to Apply for Assistance

Below is the guide on how to apply for government assistance:

  1. The eligible COVID-19 impacted tenants should request a rent reduction from their landlords.
  2. Eligible COVID-19 impacted tenants should submit evidence to prove their eligibility (show that they are financially impacted by COVID-19 lockdown).
  3. If the landlord agrees to reduce the rent payment, the landlord can apply for support assistance. They have to provide the rental bond number, show a residential tenancy agreement to reduce rent, and submit consent from the tenant to report their details to the Fair Trading.
  4. The application will be processed, and payments will usually be made within 14 days.



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