Buyer activity surges on

Written on the 17 June 2020

Buyer activity surges on

Buyers Activity Surges

As the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions continues and consumer confidence improve, Australians' passion for property is stronger than ever.

In April 2020, hit a new record audience number with 11.2 million people visiting the site. This surge of buyer activity has continued into May. received over 100 million visits to their web and mobile platforms. We then saw buyer enquiries jump.

This incredible buyer demand presents vendors with a unique opportunity to advertise their properties at a time where supply is still low, setting the scene for strong campaign results.

Boosting seller confidence

It's only June and we have already endured a lot this year as a nation, however one thing has remained deeply important to Australians - the place we call home. More than ever, how we value our home is evolving and the concept of this campaign focuses on Australia's emotional connection to property and what home represents.

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