A new approach to self-managed landlords

Written on the 7 October 2020

A new approach to self-managed landlords


Did you know, 18.9 million renters visit realestate.com each month.

Renters expect to be able to see all available rental properties when searching on realestate.com.au, and over time, research shows that 33% of landlords are now managing their rental properties themselves and 24% of those landlords considered switching to a property manager. Currently, 297,000 properties are self managed each year.

To continue to grow rent audience and provide landlord/agents with the most possible views for your listings, as well as help connect you with a new and untapped segment of customers, Realestate.com will be launching a new approach to self-managed landlords later this month.

This new experience will provide landlords with the choice to either find a property manager or create their own Standard listing, depending on their needs.


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